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Our services
  • QC inspection service in China
    Quality inspection service/QC service

    Trustvo provide inspection service/QC service,including first article inspection or initial inspection,in process inspection,during production inspection,final inspection,pre shipment inspection. full inspection or 100% inspection and random sampling inspection.issue English report

  • container loading supervision
    Container loading supervision

    Container loading supervision is one part of quality control and inspection service,it's also very important for product quality control,loading supervision is usually conducted after the pre shipment inspection,our QC inspection engineer go to the port or factory to inspect the goods and do the loading supervision there.issue English report

  • factory audit
    Supplier factory audit

    Factory audit is an important part of the supplier chain and quality control management ,Trustvo can provide factory audit service,including supplier evaluation/investigation,supplier quality system audit,social compliance audit,production process audit and other specific factory audit.issue English report

  • supplier development
    Supplier development

    Trustvo provide integrated supplier quality management,including supplier development,survey,evaluation,supplier quality support,quality document development,which is beyond the basic quality control service of inspection and so on.

  • sorting
    sorting and rework service

    Trustvo provide defect sorting service,especially for automobile parts quality control,our inspector go on site to perform full 100% inspection,and sort parts,to assure product quality get controlled and assured.

  • management consult
    Quality management consultation and quality engineering subcontracting

    Beyond the basic quality control and inspection service,Trustvo quality engineers can assist the supplier to analyze the root cause of the quality problem and make the action with them,help them control and ensure the product quality.and reduce the inspection work load,let the quality control cost and rework cost down.

  • testing
    Product testing

    we have cooperated with some local laboratory for product testing, and inspection.product test is a very important part of quality control inspection service.

  • project management
    Project management

    Beyond the quality control service,Trustvo can provide the project management,to help customer manage the complex project which is very useful for automobile industry.

  • technical service
    Technical service

    we provide the technical service or support for some specific industries,although Quality control and inspection service in China is the most important part of our business.

  • sourcing
    Sourcing service

    Trustvo can provide sourcing service for global customers,we develop the supplier,conduct the factory audit or survey,get the quotation,perform the quality control and goods inspection service before shipping,then arrange the shipment.

  • business service
    Business service

    Trustvo provide business service,that is beyond the quality control service and inspection service,we can provide all kinds of business service for your travel and supplier visit in China.

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