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  • QC inspection service in China
  • QC inspection service in China
Quality inspection service/QC service
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  • Quality inspection service/QC service

    By performing inspections, companies are able to identify problems early with the goal of eliminating the causes,utilized correctly, avoid unnecessary rework or scrap with the purpose of cost control,prevent delayed delivery.ensuring that the end product meets customers' requirements and expectations.

    ●First article inspection/initial production inspection

    Trustvo performs the first article inspection or initial production inspection prior to volume production. This verifies that product specifications are being met and avoids unnecessary rework later.By this inspection we know clearly about how much the supplier understand the product specification,verify the process appropriateness,detect and eliminate the problem proactively,get the cost controlled.Furthermore,production capacity,machine status and work environment will be evaluated as well at the initial production inspection stage.

    ●In process inspection (100% full inspection and random

     sample inspection)

    Inspect the samples randomly selected from production process,ensuring that the products or semi finished products conform with the customer specification,address any problem early,reducing the rework time and quality cost,beyond the inspection, the production progress will be checked,any issue that can cause the order delay will be identified during the in process inspection.

    Pre shipment inspection (100% full inspection and

     random sample inspection)

    During pre shipment inspection, our engineers verify the final finished product quality, evaluate the conformance with your specification, get the risk and quality cost controlled effectively.

    ●Sample pick up service

    If you need to ensure that samples for your evaluation, lab testing,inspection or customer approval submission have been randomly selected,our inspection engineers can help to visit the supplier or factory on your behalf, select the samples randomly on site,and send to any destination that you designate.without actual inspection on site this service could be finished fast and in a very affordable rate.

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